Murrina bracelets

Our bracelets with Murano murrina are part of the Venetian artistic history in glass manufactoring.
The term murrino glass binds to the abbot Vincenzo Zanetti who in 1878 defined precisely with this term the glass mosaic vases and bowls that the Romans produced using cane sections.
Nowadays, murrina means a glass object worked by juxtaposing and welding glass rods of one color or different colors, arranged lengthwise, to the heat of the fire. On other occasions the fusion is obtained with millefiori canes, that is, glass rods in concentric layers with a star or rosette motif.
An interesting aspect of murrina glass and, consequently of our murrina bracelets, is the apparent randomness with which the murrine are placed in the jewel. In reality, the arrangement responds to clear choices of the glass master who, through his ability and creativity, creates beads that are not at all random.


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