Murrina earrings

Our murrina earrings are part of the Venetian artistic history in glass manufactoring.
The origin of the term “murrino” is probably traced to the fact that the ancient Romans called “murrha” (meaning myrrh for the perfume emanated) the material that made up the vases brought to Rome by Pompey in 61 BC.
The term murrino glass is linked to the abbot Vincenzo Zanetti who in 1878 defined precisely with this term the vases and mosaic glass bowls that the Romans produced using sections of cane.
On the same days, using the same term, murrina means a glass object worked juxtaposing and welding to the heat of the fire vitree reeds of a single color or different colors, arranged in the sense of length. On other occasions the fusion is obtained with millefiori canes, that is, glass rods in concentric layers with a star or rosette motif.
Our murrina earrings are versatile and can be easily worn with both formal and casual attires.

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