Flower patterned aventurine earrings (different shades)

Flower patterned aventurine earrings (different shades)


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Aventurine earrings in original Murano glass.


Our aventurine earrings are handmade with flowers, fruit, leaves and birds in Murano glass.
The beads were worked with the submerged aventurine technique.
The hook is made of 925 silver.

Most of the elements that make up the earrings were made between 1940 and 1950 and therefore can be defined as real unique and unrepeatable pieces.
The composition of the different elements makes the earrings very fresh and cheerful, as if to recall the blossoming of flowers and fruit typical of Spring.

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Alexandrite, Blue aventurine, Multicolor, Pink, Light turquoise, Sea green

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